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Dear Center Stage Families,

At this time, all gyms, fitness-based recreation centers, dance studios, and other personal fitness venues are permitted to reopen within the state of Ohio so long as all safety standards are met. CSDS will be complying with the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Order regarding Social Distancing Requirements. We have been working diligently to create the safest environment possible, to protect both our students and staff. If you feel comfortable and are ready to allow your children to return to the studio after reading through the following information, know that their health and safety are our number one priority! You may refer to our Summer Schedule tab above to find dates and details of studio happenings for the months of June and July. Whether you will be joining us in person or continuing to dance with us on Zoom, we are looking forward to keeping your children's spirits high and bodies moving during these unprecedented times in the world. We are here to help keep them feeling positive and working hard and we hope to have your support during this transitional period in the coming months! We will continue to monitor this ever-evolving situation through the Ohio Department of Health and the CDC. Please read this information in its entirety, which outlines Center Stage’s updated health and safety protocols. We encourage all students to read this information as well to help prepare them for returning to the studio.

Phase 1:

Begins June 1, 2020

  • Two Options:

  1. Take class in-person at the studio by following our full set of health & safety guidelines (detailed below).

  2. Take class at home through the Zoom platform.

*Both options will be available to all students for every class on our Summer Schedule.  Registration information for Summer classes can be found on the Dance Camps pages.

  • Parents/guardians must complete an online waiver before their children may return to the studio.

  • Only registered students will be admitted for in-person classes. No walk-ins will be accepted.

  • Read all Facility Updates & Student Protocols listed below before returning to the studio.

Facility Updates

  • The studio entryway has been marked every six feet to maintain social distancing during check-in.

  • A separate exit door has been designated for all students to leave the studio through the Bluetique.

  • A welcome table has been added directly inside the entrance to the studio, supplied with a contactless thermometer, hand sanitizer, safety checklist, and complimentary cloth face coverings.

  • Excess seating has been removed throughout the studio. The remaining seating has been spaced out six feet apart.

  • An abundance of hand sanitizing stations has been set up throughout the studio.

  • Vending machines and kitchen appliances have been turned off and will not be in use.

  • A touchless water bottle attachment has been added to the water fountain for students to use to fill up their water bottles. 

  • The second level, Room D, and the Study Room are now closed to students.

  • Additional acro mats and ballet barres have been removed from the dance rooms. Remaining acro mats and ballet barres will be disinfected after each class.

  • During check-ins, our entrance doors will remain propped open to limit hand contact.

  • Dance room doors will remain open during classes to increase airflow and limit hand contact.

  • Dance floors have been marked in six-foot increments with multi-colored tape mark indicators. The first set of colored tape marks will be used while dancers are standing in the center during class and the second set of colored tape marks will be used while dancers go across the floor.

  • All high-touch surfaces will be disinfected hourly by staff members. Bathrooms will be cleaned periodically throughout each day.

  • Health and safety signs have been placed throughout the studio to remind students of our updated protocols.

Student Protocols


  • During class hours, students must wait outside at an available red tape mark until entrance doors are opened by a staff member.

  • Upon entrance to the studio, students will be checked in at our welcome desk by a teacher or volunteer. Students will have their temperatures checked by a contactless thermometer and use hand sanitizer before entering the dance rooms.

  • Only parents/guardians of recreational students ages six and under may accompany their children into the studio. Parents of rec students ages seven and up must drop off/pick up their students and will only be admitted into the studio for emergency situations. Parents are not permitted in the studio during Company Camp, except to drop off lunches.

  • All students must wear cloth face coverings (masks) when entering and exiting the building, as these are the times with the highest traffic flows. The only students exempt from wearing masks are those with breathing problems or other health-related issues that prevent them from being able to wear masks. 

  • During classes, students are welcome, but not required, to wear cloth face coverings if they or their families feel more comfortable this way. We ask that students bring their own masks from home but we will also supply complimentary face masks on an as-needed basis.

  • If students have a fever or show symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be permitted to enter the studio. We ask that parents/guardians of students who cannot drive to wait at the studio in their cars until after their children complete the check-in process.

  • Students may only bring essential items into the studio, as we attempt to limit the number of items that may spread germs. Students may only bring a small, draw-string-sized dance bag. Large dance bags with extra items will not be allowed. Additionally, they may bring a lunch box/small bag with food for lunch.

  • Once a student has been admitted into the studio, they will wait outside the doors of the dance rooms until their class begins and maintain social distancing while doing so.

  • Students will not congregate in waiting areas or place dance bags outside of dance rooms.

  • Before entering a dance room, students must remove their street shoes and then carry them into the dance room to be placed inside a bin. Street shoes may not be worn during classes. Students can be barefoot, wear socks, or dance shoes that have not been worn outside or have been disinfected.

  • After students enter the dance room, they will place their dance bags/items and street shoes in bins, six feet away from each other.

  • Students will work to maintain social distancing throughout each class by following teacher instructions and checking the tape marks on the dance floors.

  • Before exiting each dance room, students will be asked to use hand sanitizer at one of our hand sanitizing stations.

  • When exiting the studio, students will follow the red arrows on the ground to exit through the designated door in the Bluetique.

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